Civil Engineering

About The Department

   The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2010-2011 with a intake of 60 students .The department extended its service to offer PG Programme in Structural Engineering in the year 2014-2015with a intake of 24 students.

   The department is fortified with well experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art facilities, and experience sharing and widening the knowledge, interacting with experts from academic and industry, facilitating the student in the process of growth in the Civil Engineering field.

   The leadership, personality building programmes and contemporary cutting edge technology trainings are conducted through experts from industry and prominent organizations for our students with a view to make them industry ready.

   The department of Civil Engineering has well equipped modern laboratories namely Advanced structural engineering laboratory having loading frame of 50 tonnes capacity to facilitate testing of beams, columns, slabs etc, Fluid mechanics laboratory having Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine and Pelton turbine, which are the models of the prototypes installed in the laboratories to understand the performance of the instruments in the field.

   The strength of materials laboratory having universal testing machine of 40 tonnes capacity to facilitate testing of concrete and steel both in compression and tension, Survey lab including total station and GPS which are advanced instruments in surveying which facilitates mapping, plotting, measuring horizontal and vertical elevations on the ground surface, soil engineering laboratory having CBR apparatus which facilitate to analyse the load bearing capacity of soil and Triaxial apparatus which is used to measure the shear strength parameters of soil.

   The highway engineering laboratory having ductility apparatus which is used to measure the ductility value of the bitumen binder, environmental engineering laboratory has highly sophisticated instruments namely BOD and COD incubators which are low temperature incubators used for research operations.

    The department is headed by highly experienced faculty members who are well qualified and well experienced in their respective fields of study and maintain high standards of teaching and learning. Some of the faculties are also members of professional societies and technical bodies like ISTE, IEI, etc.

   Students are encouraged to participate in various activities like paper presentation, technical quiz, CADD contest, Building Design, Sports, NSS, YRC, and Cultural Activities. Students are motivated to undergo In-Plant Training every year and Industrial Visits are arranged to get industry exposure.