Department of Chemistry

About the Department

The department of chemistry, the backbone of the entire engineering education process is efficiently supporting the engineering departments by providing high quality of training in basic sciences. Headed by the most experienced and highly qualified professor. The Department of Chemistry focuses on disseminating basic knowledge in Chemistry that can be extended to the study of engineering subjects and to the application of Chemistry in Engineering Practices.


  • To impart quality education in chemistry to engineering and technology students.
  • To transform learners into achievers at the global level with the right attitude towards changing societal needs


  • Department lays emphasis on comprehension and appreciation of chemistry in engineering applications and service to humankind.
  • To contour the students with basic science and engineering credibility to pursue the technical education.


Symposium / Seminar / Workshop / FDP / Conference Conducted – 2016-17

  • Lecture on “ Chemistry in Day today Life “conducted by Chemistry department on on 28th Sep for first year Orientation students. The resource person was Dr.Daliya Sinha, Assistant Professor/HOD
  • Special Address on Awareness on Endangered Species & Endemic Species was conducted by CHEMISTRY department on 26th Aug 2017 for first Year students. The resource person was Ms.M.Mohana Priya Assistant Professor.
  • Science Model Competition was conducted on 26th Aug 2017 for first Year students.

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