MBA Labs

Department of Management Studies has 4 class rooms with LCD and OHP facilities. Comfortable individual seating facilities are provided in the classrooms. Wi-Fi internet facility is available within the classrooms in addition to the charging points for the full class strength of 60 students. All this is aimed at making learning more interesting, meaningful and worthwhile

Data Analysis Lab

Data analysis lab provides hands on experience to various data analytical tools like SPSS, Excel, Tora etc,. The Lab enables the students to take technology supported decisions and also aids their future research work.

Communication Lab

The Language Lab focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarizes the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts. Objectives:

  • To expose the students to a variety of self-instructional, learner-friendly modes of language learning.
  • To enable them to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.
  • To train them to use language effectively to face interviews, group discussions, public speaking.
  • To initiate them into greater use of the computer in resume preparation, report writing, format-making etc

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