Aeronautical Engineering

About Aeronautical

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was established in the year 2011-2012. This department aims to impart state of the art technical knowledge, practical skills, leadership qualities, team spirit, ethical values and entrepreneurial skill to make all the students capable of taking up any task relevant to the area of Aeronautical Engineering.

HOD’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Aeronautical Engineering. The Department is committed to impart quality teaching and guiding the students to their projects, aircraft models and higher education. The students learning process is augmented by arranged lectures by experts in the field of aeronautical engineering through student’s forum in the Department known as ADLERZ AERO ASSOCIATION. Students are also encouraged to build Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / DRONES through professional bodies like Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) – Chennai Branch and Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) –SAE India, Southern Section.

“To Excel in Aeronautical Engineering field and practical knowledge , focusing on the needs of Aircraft Industry and Society with professional ethics.”


Prepare competent professionals in the field of Aeronautical engineering and enriched with ethical values. Contribute to the Socio-economic development of the country by imparting quality education in Aeronautical engineering. Enhance employability through skill development.


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About Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology at St. Peter’s college of Engineering and Technology was founded in 2014-2015 with a vision to be recognized as a Department of International repute with a strong teaching in biological sciences and Engineering. Right from its inception, the department has been offering well-built infrastructural facilities with different laboratories for grooming professional students to meet the persistent demands of the research industry.

HOD’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field which encompasses scientific and engineering knowledge to ever cherish as enormous number of applications has been getting evolved day by day. Our department provides quality technical education and practical exposure by faculty members having expertise in diverse areas of Biotechnology. We constantly organize symposium, workshops, seminar and guest lecture for the knowledge upgradation of the students. Our students excel in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and we support them to participate in various events outside the institutions to get interactions with the experts out there to expand their knowledge in the latest advancements in technology. Students are encouraged and motivated to conduct their research work within the college, allowing them to utilize the department resources in an effective manner for their innovative ideas. All the engineering courses stick to the baseline in making the world a better place to live and concentrate on the sustainability of the world. We assure you that your thirst in research will be satisfied and make you to excel in your career.

To achieve the academic excellence in Biological Science and Technology through quality Teaching, Research and their application towards human welfare.

  • To provide quality education through cutting edge technologies in biotechnology and allied areas.
  • To produce well qualified research professional with novel ideas to meet the thirst in the Biotechnology industry.
  • To promote projects and skill development activities in the promising areas of Biotechnology.

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About Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 2014 with an intake of 60 students. The B.Tech undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering is one of the most popular branches of engineering which deals with the large-scale production of chemicals. Chemical Engineers apply both the knowledge of chemistry and the principles of engineering in the chemical industry and thus forming a bridge between science and manufacturing. They are involved in a wide variety of activities like equipment designing, process development for chemical manufacturing on a large scale, planning, testing various ways of production and treatment of by-products as well as the supervision of manufacturing activities.

The Chemical Engineers (also called as Process Engineers) work in the various aspects of varieties of industries such as: chemicals, petroleum and petrochemicals, bio-chemicals, food preservation, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, materials of every day life, energy, environment, etc.

The education of the chemical engineer includes a strong sequence of chemistry courses in addition to mathematics, physics, and the engineering sciences. Students also study subjects relating to processes, machinery, and plants used in chemical industries. This intensive study of both engineering and science provides a basis for the graduating student to conduct research, improve processes or materials, develop and design plants, or direct operations of industrial plants involving chemical methods. Chemical Engineering curriculum consists of the following core courses: Chemical Technology, Process Calculations, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operations, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Reaction Engineering, Process Control, Economics, Equipment design.

The department has highly qualified faculty members. Faculty are doing research (besides teaching) in the areas of bio-active compound extraction, bio-polymer, waste water treatment, etc. The research works are published in reputed journals and conferences. The department has the state-of-art laboratory equipments, modern analytical instruments and chemical engineering softwares (AspenPlus).

The department periodically organizes workshops, training programmes, and conferences in many emerging areas. Industrial visits and internships are arranged periodically to help the students. Students are encouraged to undergo in-plant training. Personality development training programmes are conducted in third and final year of study so as to equip the students for placement. Guidance is given for competitive exams such as GATE, GRE, etc.

HOD’s Message

The Department of Chemical Engineering takes immense pride in the fact that our students receive the highest quality education possible because we provide the necessary infrastructure and a team of qualified and motivated faculty members all under one roof. This is facilitated by closely monitoring the delivery content, the teaching learning process, and the practical learning imparted in laboratories. Our excellence is not just confined to the classroom, and we are equally active in organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and other co-curricular activities to expose students to aspects beyond the curriculum. The opportunities are created for students to interact with experts, thus adding value to their profession. Our placement cell is closely associated with the top chemical industries and has an excellent placement record. The students were given training on industrial perspectives using value-added courses periodically. After rigorous intellectual sessions, the students have ample scope to relax in extracurricular activities like sports and games. We warmly welcome the young aspiring students to be a part of us while learning and graduating successfully as valuable citizens serving the society.

The Department of Chemical Engineering strives to become well known in India by creating quality chemical engineers who will be highly successful in academia, industries and research. The research motive is to develop sustainable technologies for the betterment of society..

  • To disseminate high quality Chemical Engineering Education.
  • To perform high impact research for the benefit of community
  • To collaborate with industries for innovative concepts/ideas.
  • To develop quality engineers and technocrats with inter-disciplinary skills

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About Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was started in the academic year 2010-11 with an aim of promoting high quality education in the field of Civil Engineering. The department has well equipped laboratory facilities and highly qualified faculty members having rich experience in teaching and industrial background. The department is aiming to transform itself into a center of excellence both in academic and research. The department provides a right kind of environment for the students to groom themselves for innovative and challenging near future.

The department currently offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree in Civil Engineering with an intake of 30 students and Master of Engineering (M.E) degree in Structural Engineering with an intake of 24 students following the Anna University curriculum. The curriculum broadly covers the Engineering subjects of related fields such as Surveying, Building materials & construction, Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering, Structural analysis & design, Hydraulics & Water resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation and Coastal Engineering.

HOD’s Message

It gives me profound pleasure and pride to explore a remarkable education world in the Department of Civil Engineering. It has been our endeavour, right from the beginning, to make our department a preferred destination for students who want to get to the top of this field. We aspire to mould our students into globally competent and well chiselled civil engineers who can meet the challenges of technological advancement. All efforts are also being made to inculcate social values and professional ethics in our students to face the current as well as future global standards. A well-qualified and competent faculty with well equipped labs are committed to provide an excellent teaching methodology for nurturing the students into excellent engineers as well as good human beings.

There are plenty of opportunities in both Central and State Government. Our department faculties are very well equipped to mould the students in various streams like JRF/SRF, Site Engineer, Design Engineer, Quality & Control Engineer, Safety Engineer, Geo Technical Engineer, Junior Engineer, Junior draughting officer, Assistant Engineer ,design Engineer etc.

To build young Technocrats by imparting their technical knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering, by laying the foundation for future engineers, who can meet the demands of industry and community effectively in all part of civil works and to make significant contribution in the economic development of the state, region and nation.

  • To provide skillful Civil Engineers with advanced technologies and ethical values for the sake of society and nation.
  • To establish research and development centre in Civil Engineering.
  • To provide technical consultancy services for the betterment of the community in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To provide advanced skills and knowledge of technologies in the research field and design areas of Civil Engineering in the emerging world class state-of-the-art.
  • To provide an effective teaching – learning environment enabling students to be a competent Civil Engineer.

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Computer Science Engineering

About CSE

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2008-2009 with an intake of 60 students. Subsequently the intake was increased to 120 in the year 2012-2013. The department extended its service to offer PG Programme in Computer Science and Engineering in the year 2013-2014 with an intake of 24 students. The Department is fortified with well experienced faculty members, state – of – the – art technology laboratories, peripheral supporting infrastructures and consistently striving to excel in Computing, Communication and Information Processing arena by providing quality education through efficacious Teaching – Learning system.

HOD’s Message

I vouch department of Computer Science and Engineering of St.Peter’s College of Engineering and Technology constantly striving in architecting industry ready computer science engineers to meet the demands in IT and ITES related challenges of society. Our faculty members are diligently working to hone the skills of our students in various state-of-the art technologies in Computer Science and Engineering.

To enlighten our students to take part in progressive socio – economic conditioned nation building process by creating them as diligent, adept and responsible Computer Science Engineers.

  • To provide quality Computer Science and Engineering education through cutting edge technologies in computing, communication and information processing arena.
  • To produce a conducive learning milieu to comprehend nitty-gritty of computing process to edify the students to be a successful professional and lifelong learners.
  • To establish Industry institution liaison to carve a niche for our students in the industry.
  • To promote projects and skill development activities in the promising areas of Computer Science and Engineering.

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Electricals Electronics Engineering

About EEE

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2009-2010 with the sanctioned intake of 60 students per year and presently 30 students per year. The Department provides quality learning environment, in terms of inspiring teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, sharing and widening the knowledge.

  • Interaction with Academia and Industry.
  • Placements in Reputed Core and IT Industry.
  • Students Secured University Ranks.
  • Excellent Laboratories and Class-Room Facilities.
  • Membership in Professional Societies such as IEEE, IEI and IST.
  • Participation in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities in other Institutions.
  • Students are motivated to attend In-Plant Training and Industrial Visit.
  • HOD’s Message

    “Victory comes to those who work hard and put continuous effort with confident”

    I am happy to note that the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering serves in shaping the students with the qualities of hard work, discipline, and ethical practices in their profession. Our department moulds the students to be an equipped professional with an ever open and fresh mind for new thoughts in technological developments.

    The department is in the process of harvesting confidence in to the students which will help them to emerge as valuable contributory assets to the development of the nation. The department has students professional bodies which provides them a platform to realize their potential and polish their talent by actively engaging in various activities. Our faculty members are dedicated and sincere to work in bringing the skills of our students in various state-of-the art technologies in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am sure that our department will dare you to dream, to work smart and to strive for nothing less than excellence.

    To be recognized as a centre of excellence in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering education, research and the application of knowledge for the benefit of society.


    Inspire the student to acquire knowledge and generate ideas.

    To accept the challenges to provide solution for societal needs.

    To excel and empower the students in their chosen career.


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    Electronics & Communications Engineering

    About ECE

    The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified unit of SPCET. It is enriched with well equipped laboratories and highly qualified experienced Faculty members. The ECE department is dedicated to enhance innovative engineering society, start-up, entrepreneurs and higher study with research. The budding engineers from this department are employed in core and software companies in private and government sector. Our alumni are placed in Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, HCL Technologies, TCS and IBM, Accenture Solutions, Amazon, Wipro, Flextronics Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Ericsson India etc. Our student also placed in Public sector units like BSNL, ISRO, DRDO, CSIR and NIT Delhi, etc. Many of our students pursue their higher studies in foreign universities in UK, USA and Ireland etc to receive their MS, MBA and PhD degrees. The ECE department has signed MOU with reputed industries for student Internship and In-plant training, Guest Lecture, Research Seminar. Leadership qualities and knowledge enhancement to students are encouraged by organizing various events through IEEE student chapter.

    HOD’s Message

    Knowledge is Power and root for Joy and Prosperity. In today’s world, students from any level could reach new heights through discipline, sincere, devoted and dedicated efforts towards their goal and objectives by overcoming the distortions. Always maintain moral values and professional ethics. Reach the unreached. Solve the unsolved problems through technology. Thus the student community can become a blessing to Family, Society and Nation. I wish you all for good health, wealth and long life with happiness and prosperity.

    To create innovative and high quality electronic and communication engineering graduates with deep sense of social responsibility, technical proficiency to achieve excellence in societal development and research.

    • To produce highly professional, competent, trained and skilled Engineers.
    • To foster Engineers with inter and intra disciplinary practical knowledge required for employment, provoked with innovative ideas to solve engineering problems in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    • To produce highly motivated and confident Entrepreneurs to cater to the socio-economic needs of society
    • To motivate all the students and faculties to do Research and Development activities in collaboration with industries and other statutory bodies.

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    Information Technology

    About IT

    The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2008-2009 with an intake of 60 students. The intake was reduced to 30 in the year 2019 and then subsequently increased to 60 in the year 2023. The basic objective is providing a quality learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities for grooming the students as IT professionals to meet the changing demands of the IT Industry. With the rising demands for technology-based products and services, the demand for IT skills is increasing.

    HOD’s Message

    Greetings from Information Technology Department of St. Peter’s College of Engineering and Technology…!!!

    It gives me immense pleasure to lead the department of Information Technology. Our college is one of the premier institutions, striving hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve academic excellence.

    Thank you for showing your interest in Department of Information Technology.

    • Symposiums/Workshops/Conferences/FDPs Conducted – 17
    • Symposiums/Workshops/Conferences/FDPs Attended-26

    To emerge as a centre of academic excellence to meet the industrial needs of the competitive world with IT technocrats and researchers for the social and economic growth of the country in the area of Information Technology.


    To provide quality education to the students to attain new heights in IT industry and research.

    To create employable students at national and international level by training them with adequate skills.

    To produce good citizens with high personal and professional ethics to serve both the IT industry and society.


    Mechanical Engineering

    About Mechanical

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2008-2009 with the fundamental objective of providing a quality learning environment that inspires teachers, provides state-of-the-art facilities, shares experience and knowledge, interacts with industry experts, and facilitates the growth of students in the field of mechanical engineering. From its inception, the department has offered well-built infrastructure with diverse technical platforms to groom professional students to meet the persistent demands of industries. To fulfill this objective, technical advancements are regularly updated.

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering is well-equipped with modern laboratories. The Engineering Practice Lab includes foundry, welding, sheet metal, plumbing, and carpentry sections to provide comprehensive knowledge with a capacity to accommodate 60 students. The Manufacturing Technology Lab has 23 engine lathes and various special machines, including a Gear Hobbing machine. The Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab has various pumps and turbines, and the Strength of Materials Lab has various testing equipment, including a 100-ton capacity Universal Testing Machine for research purposes. The CAD & Simulation Lab has 70 distributed nodes and various design software, including SolidWorks, Autodesk, CIMCO, Octave, and MasterCAM. The CAM laboratory is equipped with a CNC Milling machine and CNC Lathe. The Thermal laboratory has advanced engines, a mini power plant with Boiler-Turbine, and Heat Transfer Testing equipment. The Dynamics Lab has a capacity to accommodate 60 students, and the Engineering Metrology Lab is equipped with various advanced measuring instruments.

    The department actively participates in professional body activities. Our faculty and students are active members of SAE, and various programs are conducted to gain exposure to recent technologies. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities, such as paper presentations, technical quizzes, symposiums, designing, robotics contests, national conferences, sports, NSS, YRC, and cultural activities. Students are motivated to undergo In-Plant Training every year, and two Industrial Visits are arranged per year to gain industry exposure.

    HOD’s Message

    Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering program at St. Peter's College of Engineering & Technology. Our graduates have worked in almost every technology-based industry, including automotive, electric power generation, product design, materials handling, quality control, manufacturing, robotics, and both the private and public sectors. Our goal for undergraduate students is to provide a high-quality education that includes hands-on experience. Each of our faculty members is ready and willing to work in their research specialty with capable students on projects. There are numerous opportunities for our students to participate in student organizations such as the Society of Mechanical Engineering and the Society of Automotive Engineers, which have been among the most active in the country for the past few years. We strive to ensure that all our undergraduate and postgraduate students have a strong education in teaming and leadership skills, involvement in student activities, and the practical background of co-op and internship experience. We believe that emphasizing these areas will make our students well-qualified to take on leadership roles in the future. Our department looks forward to contributing to solving the technological changes of society with active participation from all sectors.

    To train the students to become dynamic and knowledgeable Mechanical Engineers in the thrust areas like Design, Manufacturing, Thermal and Material science, by making the students, arise and shine to meet the emerging needs in engineering and its applications for global competitive challenges.


    M1: To mould and motivate the students to face the global competitions by providing world class technical education.

    M2: Enhancing the skills in specific fields to carry out Research and Development activities.

    M3: Developing mechanical systems by using cutting-edge technologies and materials to bring eco-friendly innovations to improve society.

    M4: Inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in advanced technological ventures.

    M5: Fostering the nation economy by sustainable development by imparting social ethics.


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    Management Studies

    About MBA

    Department of Management Studies was established in 2009 with 60 students’ intake. The department has experienced faculty with rich research experience. 100% placement offers were provided for eligible candidates. 20 Anna University ranks were secured from its inception. Interactive classes with real time case studies and events for students’ development are carried out with an effective industry interaction. The department houses different clubs with regular activities lead by student coordinators

    “Imparting Education in Management Science to enable the students managerially superior and ethically strong who in turn shall improve the quality of life”


    To provide basic understanding of management concept

    To impart high quality and industry focused Management Education to prepare Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs to stand up to National and International Competition


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